Ethereum : how to optimize power consumption

Ethereum update: how to optimize power consumption

hey guys, lurking through this sub I’ve seen people running 6 rx 480 with a 850w power supply. I have two rigs with 4 gpus each, both have 850w PSU although different brand, One is a Corsair AX860 Platinum and the other is an EVGA 850 BQ Bronze.

The one with the Corsair PSU runs 4 gpu “mostly” without issues. It runs for 22 hours sometimes days and it crashes. If I try to add another GPU (5 total) one of the gpus doesn’t mine. The rig with the EVGA PSU only runs 3 gpus. I’ve mixed gpus/risers to see if any has issues and they seem fine.

ETHOS config for both

cor 1150 1150 1150 1150

mem 2000 1980 1900 2000

vlt 950 950 950 950

Corsair AX860AMD FX 6300 stockMSI 970A-G43 moboAMD RX480 8gb referenceSapphire RX480 4 gb2x MSI RX 470 4gb

EVGA 850BQPentium G3258 stockBiostar TB85 mobo3x MSI RX470 4gb

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