Ethereum : Incredibly annoying issue with my rx 570…. ONLY 16 mh/s

Ethereum update: Incredibly annoying issue with my rx 570…. ONLY 16 mh/s

Hello, so I have 3x rx 570, and they are all bios modded and overclocked a little bit in msi afterburner, and they are outputting only 16.3 mh/s per card.. The weird thing is, sometimes when I leave them running for a bit (do not know the exact time), they suddenly hash the normal 29.5 mh/s.. A few days ago when I started my rig, it first said, 16.3 mh/s on each card, then I left it for a few hours and ran down to check if it had changed, and there it was, hashing at 29.5 mh/s. Now, since my rig crashed after that, I restarted it a few days ago, and they still hashing at 16.3 mh/s… I do not understand this weird bug and why sometimes it hashes good and sometimes bad. Anyone have suggestions about what I can do? Please help.

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