Ethereum : Introducing the Decentraland Launch Title “Chainbreakers”

Ethereum update: Introducing the Decentraland Launch Title “Chainbreakers”

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The webVR strategy-rpg “Chainbreakers” is a launch title for the virtual reality metaverse Decentraland. The game logic of the Ethereum dApp is written in solidity smart contracts and connects actual gameplay with MANA token dividends. Scalability will be tackled by implementing the plasma evm side-chain solution provided by Matic Network.


Chainbreakers is set in a fictional and stylized rendition of Ancient Greece. The story revolves around a corrupt, evil government and the various factions of rebels – the players – who must topple the ruling class. Gameplay is divided into different “dividend periods”, lasting several days, that take place in each of the questing areas. As players and their units earn more experience through gameplay, they gain access to higher level areas. Each questing area possesses a dividend pool that is gradually filled with MANA. These dividends are funded by purchases made in that questing area. At the end of each period, a certain percentage of the dividend is set aside for the player base.


Quest areas are hosted by LAND owners who receive revenue cuts on the purchases made on their parcels. By incentivizing different actors to get involved with Chainbreakers our team provides a new kind of game experience that cannot be achieved transparently without using smart contracts.


The official crowdsale is live since November 1st – Players and investors can purchase items that increase the potential dividends which their units acquire in the game. Legendary and Epic items are already sold out. Around 1 million MANA were already raised.


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