Ethereum : Is anyone here aware of a ETH/LOOM project for a social media dapp?

Ethereum update: Is anyone here aware of a ETH/LOOM project for a social media dapp?

The reason I ask is that it would be really cool if it could be made to cross communicate with posts on Novusphere. The lead dev said that Novusphere is blockchain agnostic and all it would take is a plugin to be made to make it so people can post with ETH wallets on the platform. This would be a really good thing to see, it would mean the first time a social media dapp supports multiple coins and even can allow cross communication.

In my opinion this could be one of the most important concepts in the world of cryptocurrency where people can use any coin they want to make social media posts and be able to communicate. I realize a lot of people are probably blinded by tribalism but I want to take a shot in the dark anyway.

If this is not something that is being worked on then I really think it should be something to consider.

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