Ethereum : Looking for a large scale mobile mining unit

Ethereum update: Looking for a large scale mobile mining unit

Hi there!

We are looking into running a large scale mobile mining unit 24/7 at a renewable energy plant in Germany.

Does anybody have any experience in setting one up?

Some open questions:

– Are there any ready-to-run solutions available on the market (buy/contracting/leasing)?

– Any ideas about the estimated costs and hashrates?

– What is the lifetime (durability of the components + used hardware vs. growing mining difficulty)?

Our requirements:

– mobile solution (shipping-container?)

– robustness / low maintenance

– overall energy consumtion around 600 kW

– gpu-based (multi-currency-support)

We have already found envion and hashtank, but would like to gather some more information before contacting them. Does anybody know what the inital costs are and if envions solution is buyable at all?

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