Ethereum : Low power consumption tips

Ethereum update: Low power consumption tips

Hello guys!

On these bad days I rethinked the strategy and focused on a low power config. I am running 12 RX 580 – 4gb cards on an asrock BTC mainboard with server PSU and managed to reduce the hashrate from 30mhs to 25mhs and the wall power from 1900w to 1100w.

I am using HiveOS and the uderclock specs are:

GPU core: 900mhz

GPU voltage: 0,760 volts

Memory Frequency: 1720 mhz.

I found this setup to be stable ( 7 days no problems ).

Is here anyone who is mining this way? Can i lower the power consumption to get lower mhs/w? Or i just hit the bottom? 🙂

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