Ethereum : Machine restarted…now Phoenix/Claymore both just hang…

Ethereum update: Machine restarted…now Phoenix/Claymore both just hang…

Hey all,

So my rig restarted itself (due to a Windows update; I gave up fighting it for the most part now) and I went through the steps of unflagging Phoenix Miner as malware, etc. But when I tried to run it again, it first said “No CUDA drivers found” so I added the -AMD flag to it (strange because I never had that). That message went away, but now the program just kind of hangs there and does…nothing. Even after 5 minutes or so it doesn’t start mining.

Thinking it might be a driver issue, I reinstalled the drivers, made sure that Device Manager shows all my cards without the exclamation mark, etc. Everything seems to check out. I checked with Claymore next and the same thing happens; the miner starts but doesn’t actually do anything.

Anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

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