Ethereum : Miners blinking when I turn them off

Ethereum update: Miners blinking when I turn them off

I recently moved apartments, so I dissambled my PC & mining rig for easy transport. I have 1 1070 GTX FE as my main GPU that I turn on and off for mining when I want to game or use the PC and I have 2 RX 580s that I leave on all day.

I noticed that my PC is running much slower and lagging when I watch videos which it never has before, even with the 1070 turned off in claymore miner. I tried turning off all of my cards to see if that would change anything. It didn’t really help and now my 580s blink every 5 seconds or so even though I turned them off. I’m thinking this has to be related to the issue.

I already checked to make sure that my 1070 was the one giving the display output for both of my miners which it is. Neither of the 580s are attached. Let me know if you guys have any clue what’s happening. Thanks

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