Ethereum : Mining ETH while tastkmanager says GPU usage is 0%?

Ethereum update: Mining ETH while tastkmanager says GPU usage is 0%?

Hello guys, I’m new to mining and thought I just give it a shot!

I’m mining with my GPU GTX 1080.

I was quickly on reducing the GPU usage and shifted the graphics use over to the Inter Graphics of CPU i7-7700K.

After rebooting and continuing to mine, CPU-GPU is GPU0 and GTX GPU is GPU1 (at least in Taskmgr).

ETH Miner says it’s using GPU0.

Taskmgr says GPU0 around 5-10 (depends on what window is showing) and GPU1 is constant at 0%.

May anyone has a clue what is going on? 😀


Edit: My screen is only connected via mobo, GPU is plugged out.


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