Ethereum : [Mining OS] easy-to-use Nvidia Mining Management

Ethereum update: [Mining OS] easy-to-use Nvidia Mining Management

## [Mining OS] easy-to-use Nvidia Mining Management

Fellow miners,

I made a new Nvidia GPU mining management website ([]( / OS (oros). makes it easy to configure, edit, reboot, update, and monitor rigs from your pc, tablet, or smartphone.


Why you should try

Email alerts for all rig events.

My Ethash client should match Claymore’s hashrate (for 1000 series Nvidia GPUs) + has no fee.

Both and oros are extremely secure.

Oros has almost no writes; so the USB key is unlikely to need servicing / reimaging / replacement. Put otherwise; oros is reliable with a USB key.

When developing I focused on automating the processes an individual follows when they monitor rigs. Oros’s execution is controlled by a no-compromises watchdog that will self heal from almost any problem.

Oros has low network utilization.

Algorithm specific OC works without problems and is easy to use. After configuring a group for Algo specific OC you need only switch the group coin, and your chosen OC for that algorithm will be set automatically.

It is extremely easy to configure a rig with

1 click updates.

Currently has a 1% fee; which may be reduced.


Nvidia 1000 series GPUs

16 gb or larger USB key



View the link

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