Ethereum : MSI Armor RX580 BIOS Dumps are different sizes

Ethereum update: MSI Armor RX580 BIOS Dumps are different sizes

Hi again,

So when I modded my BIOS on my GPU I saved original bios with gpu-z and atiwinflash and I used the atiwinflash dumped BIOS in the modding. I need to Re-mod my BIOS and they are 2 sizes, one is 256kb and the other is 512KB. What?

Also does anybody know how to get 30 Mh/s or more on MSI Armor 8gig 580s?


TL;DR atiwinflash size = 512kb and GPU-Z size is 256kb. Which am I to trust? (RX580 MSI ARMOR, SAMSUNG MEMORY)

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