Ethereum : MSI H310-A PRO CPU problem Celeron 1151.

Ethereum update: MSI H310-A PRO CPU problem Celeron 1151.

CPU Celeron G3930 1151.

Mem RAM Ballistic 4Gb/8Gb (socket A).

Motherboard MSI H310-A PRO

EVGA power supply 1300W

hdd. not installed.

The settings are all by default, no hdd, no peripherical, no DVD.

When I turn on the power supply and press the Power onboard button, the CPU fan start to spin for two seconds max. and turn off. The on-board LED CPU lights on and turn off too after 2 secs.

Troubleshoot: I tried changing another Power supply EVGA 1000W, memory ram, cables, CPU 1151 (two different), the board was replaced by the manufactured (RMA).


What can be wrong so far?



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