Ethereum : MSI RX 580 Undervolt advice needed.

Ethereum update: MSI RX 580 Undervolt advice needed.

Yes, it’s the same noob miner from yesterday and I now know how to use OverdriveNtool.

Current Stats:

* All states disabled, only P7 is on.

* GPU cclock: 1150 @ 850mV

* GPU mclock: 2000 @ 925mV

* Hashrate: 28-29.5 mh/s

* Rejected Shares: 0

* Incorrect ETH Shares: 0

* Memory errors: 0

* Modded BIOS from One click Polaris BIOS Editor

Anything higher on mem will result in memory errors and/or instability so I only lowered voltage by 25 mV. Does my hashrate look okay? Are my voltages okay?

OverdriveNtool screenshot:

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GPU-Z Sensors:

RX 580 GPU-Z

GPU: MSI Armor RX580 8GB Samsung

EDIT: Seems I lost the silicon lottery. What UV settings work for you guys on MSI Armor cards with samsung memory?

EDIT: Power draw in GPU-Z fluctuating between 82-84 W but briefly going to 51w or something like that, why?

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