Ethereum : My Mining Farm

Ethereum update: My Mining Farm

Hello all,

I read reddit all the time, but basically never post. I just like to read whats going on to keep up to speed. /r/ethertrader /r/EtherMining are my usual reads.

I setup my first rig in Nov 2018 and built up to 12 rigs with 7-8 GPU’s each. In my pic below you can see my design, all in 4 U cases with crazy fans. These went in a local data center. I needed some colo space for some other servers and basically used the extra space for the rigs.

I had 2 racks all of last year, then did not need as much space with the non-mining gear so down sized to 1 in December. I went to post on /r/MinerSwap and found out never posting was not the best idea, no karma.

I thought I would tell my story here to get some karma going. Not sure how that all works.

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7 GPU’s (RX 580 8gb’s) would do 209 MH/s @ ~1250 W. I ran 4 rigs on a 210V 30A circuit @ 24A, the max the data center would allow me.

Mostly XFX cards using the stock mining bios and 1150 clock and 2150 mem. I could get more hash rate out of them but then I would have stability issues and go over the 24A. I had 8 cards in each rig to start but had to turn them down too much to stay under 24A so went to 7 and built more rigs with the left over cards in another cabinet.

Here is a snippet of my ethos dashboard:

That rack is right in front of a AC vent in the floor, so runs pretty cool.

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