Ethereum : Nanopool ethereum slow responses

Ethereum update: Nanopool ethereum slow responses

Is nanopool throttling jobs? I’m using claymore’s dual miner setup for eth and sia. When I find a sia share on siaminer, the share is accepted in 15ms on us-east. When a nanopool ether share is accepted, I’m getting a 110-125ms response time on not only us-east but also on the secondary eu2 server, which makes me wonder.

I did ping the domain whilst being unable to connect to us-east (which has happened numerous times today randomly), and the ping-back was just 25ms. My hunch is either throttling or an inefficient backend, but I’m hoping it’s just due to my underlying ignorance. Could anyone shed some light on why this might occur?

Also, after I’ve found an etherium share, the time between that point and the next job feels very sluggish.

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