Ethereum : Nanopool payout time increase

Ethereum update: Nanopool payout time increase

Hi guys. I have this problem for several days now.
I am mining ETH on nanopool and I set my payment treshold to the absolute minimum, 0.05 ETH.
I usually reach this in aproximately 48 hours, with a 352 mhs hashrate.
But for the past few days, my last payment was made 10 hours after those 48 hours and now, I am awaiting to reach those 0.05 ETH and passed those previous payment’s 10 hours with 4 hours already, and I reached only 0.04, so it will take several hours more to reach the threshold.

Could you explain me why is this happening all of a sudden?

After the payment is made, I will try ethermine and see if this happens also there.

I want to mention that my hashrate is constant, without any interruptions whatsoever for the past 5 days, and the incorrect shares are just 3, from the total of 13761, spread to 3 different gpus.

This is nanopool’s answer:

Note that Nanopool takes only a fee of 1% from your mined coins, which is taken directly out of coins you mine, while there is no payout commission whatsoever.
Also note that share difficulty is static and equal to 10 billion.
Our pool uses PPLNS system reward, so your balance gets updated after the pool is found a block, and reward is proportional to the number of submitted shares for last 20 minutes.
Since the frequency of balance updates depends on pool’s blockrate, which depends on pool’s luck, there is a random factor in miner’s payout frequency.
You can find all details here: [](
Note that since hashrate influences both miner’s reward and pool’s hashrate, increasing your hashrate increases your chances but not guarantees to increase your payouts.
Hope this helps, and have a good mining experience!”

Ok so this bullcrap says that I have to increase my hashrate to increase my chances. But two days ago I had the same hashrate, and my chances were way better. ETH diff didn’t rose or something like this to put the blame on it instead.

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