Ethereum : Need Help To Fix My RX580 Please BIOS MOD FAIL

Ethereum update: Need Help To Fix My RX580 Please BIOS MOD FAIL


So i just got another RX580 Pulse (Micron Memory) to add to my other RX580’s. I am running Windows 10. I originally flashed my new card using Polaris. All went well except I was only getting 28.8 MH when mining. I did a bit of searching and found a ROM on a forum that said it would get it to 30. “Stupidly” I blindly installed it. After rebooting all I got was a black screen. I plugged another card in to boot from, initially all that happened was that Windows failed to load and kept crashing. Moving the card to another port got the thing running again. I thought I would reapply the original bios which has not helped at all. Claymore does not pick the card up, connecting my monitor results in a black screen. When I look in ATIWinFlash my broken card shows as an AT Radeon Polaris 10 rather than a RX580. My sphincter is twitching here. Anyone have any idea what I can do “Please”?

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