Ethereum : Need help with single RX 470 Micron, not getting 28 mh/s anymore.

Ethereum update: Need help with single RX 470 Micron, not getting 28 mh/s anymore.

Casual miner here, noticed that I’m getting lower hashrates 22-24 mh/s nowadays compared when the last time I check 27-28mh/s. Another thing that bugs me is at times the hashrates goes below 5mh/s before going to back to normal speeds.

Bios is still the same, using 1500 straps and clocked at 1750 IIRC the last time. But now if I wanna get at least 26.4mh/s I’d have to set it to 1850Mhz and 1050 mV on the memory.

I figured that DAG files could be it but I don’t see any recent news about it.

All mining software has been updated to the latest Claymore 11.9 and PheonixMiner 3.0 running on modified Multipoolminer As for AMD drivers, I’m running it at 18.5.1 as the latest AMD drivers are giving mouse stuttering issues and is still not fixed. And yes I always switch to compute mode and restart my PC just to be sure that it is on compute mode.


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