Ethereum : New large scale mining warehouse questions

Ethereum update: New large scale mining warehouse questions

Hey everyone,

I currently have 11x 8 card rigs and I’m tapped out on residential power and decided to get a warehouse. It’s quite large at 5000sqft, but it has 3 phase, 200 amp immediately upgradable to 600 with the option to go higher. As far as cooling, I plan to build a smaller room inside to house the rigs with fans and mini split AC.

My question is around cost savings and things you may have learned along the way. I will be converting existing miners to server power supplies and also adding a lot more rigs. I’ve read the basics as far as a network switch and PDU’s to distribute the power, but anything else you guys can think of aside from cooling, network switch, and PDU’s? I already have a spreadsheet that includes all of the components to build rigs like I have been doing, but I’m not sure what else I may need or encounter when scaling up much larger than I am right now. Thank you

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