Ethereum : New Years offer for GPUs

Ethereum update: New Years offer for GPUs

Hey Guys,


I’m selling the following brand new mining graphic cards at very lucrative prices:

Gigabyte GV-NP104D5X-4G NVIDIA P104-100 mining 4GB GDDR5X 256bit

Gigabyte GV-RX580GAMING-8GD-MI 1.0 Radeon RX 580 Gaming 8G MI PCI-E GDDR5 256bit

Gigabyte GV-RX580GAMING-8GD-MI 1.1 Radeon RX 580 Gaming 8G MI PCI-E GDDR5 256bit

Asus MINING-RX470-4G-LED Radeon RX 470 4Gb PCI-E GDDR5 256bit DVI-D

Asus MINING-RX580-8G AMD Radion RX580 8Gb PCI-E GDDR5 256bit


Reach out to me at []( for prices and any questions.

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