Ethereum : nvml error 15: cannot get current temperature

Ethereum update: nvml error 15: cannot get current temperature

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I’ve freshly installed Ubuntu 18.04 and as soon as I run claymore v11.8 (no overclocking) I get the error: NVML: cannot get current temperature, error 15. When running it on EthOS the rig, one GPU will crash. However, this one GPU is not consistent. If I have all 6 1070s running, one will crash. If I unplug this one and have 5 running, another GPU will crash instead. However, 4 GPUs work fine (when tested on EthOS, Ubuntu, Windows 10). Neither GPU is connected by cables except at the power supply. I was thinking the power supply may be the issue but what’s a way to test that it’s that rather than one (or more) of the many cables?

I have an ASUS BIOS with 2nd gen applied where necessary, 4G enabled, etc. CUDA driver version 9.1, runtime version 8.0.

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