Ethereum : One of 5 GPUs takes forever to create DAG, miner thread crashes once complete

Ethereum update: One of 5 GPUs takes forever to create DAG, miner thread crashes once complete

All the other cards start mining right away just fine, but the first gpu always takes a couple minutes to generate the DAG and as soon as it finishes, the mining software will restart. Nothing to my knowledge has changed or updated to break this.

-Claymore and phoenixminer both behave the same.

-Virtual memory was set to 3000/16000, bumped it up to 16000/32000

-Using latest AMD drivers

-Watching hwinfo64, no hardware errors

-Not a power supply or riser issue, they’ve been tested

-5 gpu rig, 3 xfx 580s and 2 msi 570s, all 8gb. Asus Formula IV. Corsair AX1200 Platinum. SSD. 32GB DDR4 ram. AMD FX 6300

This is the phoenixminer log:

EDIT: claymore miner log:

EDIT2: After cleaning the drivers out and reinstalling, everything appears to be working fine now.

Also, I had to use my downloaded driver from february, since attempting to install the latest amd drivers just puts my rig into a bootloop

Thanks for the input!

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