Ethereum : Only One Of My Rigs Wont Boot After Lightning Storm

Ethereum update: Only One Of My Rigs Wont Boot After Lightning Storm

A couple days ago we had a pretty bad lightning storm that took out my power after a loud crack of thunder. I have 2 mining rigs. One with 11×1060 3gbs and one with 6x1070s. The 1060 rig booted as soon as I went down there after the power flickered. The 1070 rig had some brown sludge next to the pci slot. The motherboard is an ASUS PRIME Z370-P. When I flip the switch to the power supply, the LEDs come on just fine, but when I press the actual power button on the motherboard, none of the fans spin. Any suggestions on troubleshooting?

It’s not a big deal if I have to order a new mobo tbh but since the lights are coming on I am not 100% convinced that it is fried.

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