Ethereum : OpenCL not showing up on Dual Claymore Miner

Ethereum update: OpenCL not showing up on Dual Claymore Miner

Hi, newbie here. My claymore miner has been working fine for the past few months until recently. Now when I start my miner it would say connected to server, but then nothing else is showing up, like this. Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


20:22:13:448 91c º Claymore’s Dual GPU Miner – v11.0 º

20:22:13:448 91c º ETH + DCR/SIA/LBC/PASC/BLAKE2S/KECCAK º


20:22:13:464 91c

20:22:13:464 91c b501

20:22:13:682 91c ETH: 1 pool is specified

20:22:13:682 91c Main Ethereum pool is

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