Ethereum : Play with your rigs, lower power, increase hash. (They’re lonely)

Ethereum update: Play with your rigs, lower power, increase hash. (They’re lonely)

I’ve seen quite a few posts around here with people using RX 580’s rigs and the power consumption I see them post is insane. Don’t get me wrong RX580’s aren’t exactly the most efficient when it comes to power, Nvidia kills them in this regard, but you can definitely do better.



13 RX 580 8GB’s Hashing at 412mh/s for 1700w(total power consumption)
12 RX 580 4GB’s (1 RX580 8GB) Hashing at 385mh/s for 1530w(total power consumption)



I know people will “I bet your not stable!” well if you look at XFX 580 Delta that was 2+ Days so far, as you can see in my other rigs they been running for couple days. Longest I’ve gone is 28 days~ for my rigs. I usually let them run for week straight (Provided did not crash beforehand) then make adjustments again. Rig crashes are a part of life, adjust, test, and move on. If post gains interest I might do a full write up on my settings, how I test, etc.

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