Ethereum : Playing the top crypto games on a budget

Ethereum update: Playing the top crypto games on a budget

Hello! I’m the Community Manager of Gameunculus, and we made a small research about prices in the top blockchain games. Here are the results:

Disclaimer: Gas prices have not been included. 


From the outset, you need to keep in mind that you will need two Kitties to breed them and properly play CryptoKitties. Breeding also costs money, but you will be able to have everything with as little as $1.41 or 0.0132 ETH.


An important detail is that you will get three Mons for free when you join. Mon prices change daily, but you will need to pay for other things. Every training session costs 0.001 ETH ($0.11)and to explore the objects on your adventure you’ll have to pay 0.01 ETH($1.06).

**My Crypto Heroes**

You can grab Jack the Ripper on OpenSea for only 0.021 ETH ($2.24),and prices go up to 47.44 ETH ($5,050) for rarer heroes. No additional payments are required. 

**Blockchain Cuties**

You can buy Cuties for as little as 0.0011 ETH ($0.12), but there are additional payments for outfits ($6.68), elixirs and potions ($0.01+).

**Axie Infinity**

You will need a team of three Axies to start fighting, with 0.0287 ETH($3.05)for each one. You can breed them too, but you need an additional 0.002 ETH ($0.21) to do that. 

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