Ethereum : Power Draw Instructions

Ethereum update: Power Draw Instructions

One area I’ve never got straight in my rig is power consumption, draw and setup.

I’ve 2 rigs. All 580’s. 6 cards on one rig and 4 on the other. All running approx 30mh. I’m using more than ample power supplies. My rigs draw about 200w per card. Both rigs are run off the same extension cord – which feels hot- and now I just blew an outlet (not the breaker). The outlet is now dead and the extension cord is a little burnt.

My questions:

* What exactly are setup guidelines for power usage?
* How much draw can you run down one outlet.
* How much draw can you run down one heavy duty power cord?
* What do you do in your setup?

I’ve done everything in my by the book and thought both rigs could run on one heavy duty extension cord. What did I do wrong?

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