Ethereum : Power usage with 1080 Ti + Vega 64 ~ 540W (wall) ~ 100 Mh/s

Ethereum update: Power usage with 1080 Ti + Vega 64 ~ 540W (wall) ~ 100 Mh/s

I feel like this is too much.

I’m at 105W idle (Xeon + 64 GB ECC RAM, using this for other things when not mining).

I recently upgraded drivers and swapped the power supply. Was at 480W before.

NVIDIA 398.11
AMD Driver 18.5.2

Claymore 11.6 + ETHenlargement ~

OC Programs
MSI Afterburner

OC Settings

oc settings

Any ideas on what I’m missing?

On one boot it showed 430W but then crashed after 15 min when I tried to login remotely.

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