Ethereum : Question for the community

Ethereum update: Question for the community

Hi everyone. Im a proponent of Ethereum. I’ve done some mining of ethereum myself with my home computer just for fun bc my hashpower is abysmal, but I’ve got a question regarding ETC and ETH. I’ve recently engaged in an argument on Reddit about the nature of the relationship between the two networks/chains and I’d like for you all to provide some insight from the community. The question is – do you all consider the Ethereum Classic chain to be the original Ethereum chain in which the current Ethereum chain was forked from? Is the ETC chain a continuation of the original chain from the genesis block until now which has remained unchanged?

The reason for this question is a different user is having a hard time understanding this concept and I’m trying to explain it to them. I think they just have trouble with it because they see it as an ideological issue when in reality it is simply a fact while it can be a semantic argument if you get into the details. Any way that you all can help explain this concept would be great. Thanks so much for your input. I can link the thread if you all would like to see it just let me know.

**Edit: let me clarify. I’m simply wanting to confirm that the pre-DAO fork Ethereum chain became the Ethereum Classic chain and the current Ethereum chain is a fork of its former self. It’s about the common misconception that ETC is a fork of ETH, but it’s actually the opposite. What we call it is beside the point and was not what I was meaning to discuss exactly however that is entirely up for discussion as well. Call it old or original chain but it being the same chain that ETH is forked from is the main point.**

**edit2: were are finally in agreement. They understand the event and I understand the terminology was not the best choice. Thanks to everyone who contributed. May the bulls run forever in your favor.**

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Ethereum is a decentralized platform that runs smart contracts: applications that run exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third-party interference.

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