Ethereum : Question for the experts and just gathering opinions about adding a 1080.

Ethereum update: Question for the experts and just gathering opinions about adding a 1080.

Hey fellow miners, long time lurker, this sub has helped me a lot in my mining adventure over the past 2 years. (along with my best friend that knows much more than I, Thanks Dustin) I am semi-computer literate (pretty much I just copy what I see done on videos and articles I’ve seen on the internet) and I would like your advice.

I need windows 10 on my rig for some work things I have to do. I got a 4x 1060 6gb, 1X 1060 3gb system. My 3 gb is now useless, I’ve been switching around mining some PIRL, and now Zcash. I prefer Ether, and I want to mine Ether. I have a 1000 watt PSU and I keep a card on the board for video game time. My rig is used for work/video games/mining.

I want to know if you think it is worth it to buy a 1080 at this point (high prices of cards, p.o.s worries, etc..) and swap it out for the 3g, to give the entire system an upgrade, and also to continue mining Ether.

Should I bite the bullet and be broke for a while, or should I just keep mining other coins I don’t want to mine?

Thank you very much! In the crypto mining halls of Valhalla the bravest crypto miners will live…. Forever!

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