Ethereum : Quick question about issuance and security under Casper FFG

Ethereum update: Quick question about issuance and security under Casper FFG

I have heard that Casper FFG will allow for an issuance reduction because it will increase the blockchain’s security due to the staking element. AFAIK, Casper FFG will finalize (“checkpoint”) every X blocks, so that the blockchain cannot be reverted past that point by a PoW attacker.

But if Casper FFG is implemented an then issuance is significantly reduced, won’t that leave Ethereum open to short-range attacks where an attacker could theoretically 51% the (now weakened due to issuance reduction) PoW element and revert the chain potentially up to X blocks, back to the previous PoS finality checkpoint? If FFG finalizes a block every 10 minutes, then that means an attacker could revert transactions that have been “confirmed” by up to 10 minutes worth of blocks. Is there a mitigation for this or is everyone just expected to wait until their transaction is fully finalized before we say colloquially that the transaction is “confirmed”?

Just trying to understand this. Thank you.

**Edit:** More active discussion here:

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