Ethereum : RAM and CPU matter, to a certain extent.

Ethereum update: RAM and CPU matter, to a certain extent.

I made this post hoping to save other miners from days and days of fruitless efforts fixing instability issues on their rigs. Originally thought to be a power issue, I have isolated major jumps in hashrate to the usage of RAM and CPU. (0-50% variance)

Now I’ve seen variance in hashrate related to other issues but I have never seen such a drastic difference when running rigs.

For the test, I had a lab rig set up with a single 570 on Claymores ETH miner. With just the miner, Cortana, Chrome, and Windows Defender using the majority of the CPU and memory (85% and 80% respectively) I was experiencing the following rounded fluctuations between reports:

– 29 MH/s
– 29 MH/s
– 18 MH/s
– 13 MH/s
– 29 MH/s
– 28 MH/s
– 15 MH/s

With too much stuff running and with how bloated Windows is, a G3930 and 4GB DDR4 can bottleneck your rig. I experienced the same issue on a 6 GPU rig, and force closing the Cortana and turning off Windows Defender stabilized the hashrates. If you are having stability issues with reported hashrate, check task manager to make sure you aren’t being bottlenecked by the CPU. I believe this has to do with hanging threads, if the CPU is bottlenecked it won’t be able to provide instructions in time for the GPU.

Hopefully this observation helped those who are having major, unexplainable dips even after testing a bunch of machines and power supplies. If you can afford the real estate to use Linux rigs, do it please.

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