Ethereum : Recreating an existing setup from metal

Ethereum update: Recreating an existing setup from metal

I posted [here]( about taking over an existing setup using AMD cards – what came out of that thread was a clear need to burn it to the ground ūüôā Essentially, the previous manager set everything up with no documentation and is using miners on Windows, SimpleMiner, and Hive OS. To ensure that there’s nothing fishy going on and that he won’t retake control of the setup, I’m planning to reformat everything and start from scratch. While I’m not new to cryptos, I *AM* new to mining. I’ve checked out the wiki but would love some opinions from the experts here on my plan. Of course, everything would be done using new accounts and email addresses.

All steps will be followed for an individual rig before moving to the next one to reduce downtime for my clients and hopefully limit the possibility of my inadvertently destroying EVERYTHING by accident ūüôā

1. Reformat the flash drive holding the OS
2. Install Hive OS
3. Install GPU drivers from GitHub
4. Install Claymore

Put a different way, here’s what I’m hoping for your opinions on:

A) Is HiveOS a solid and reliable choice? My research indicates so, but if I’m going from scratch I could do anything. What do you think is the BEST OS?

B) Do you just grab drivers from a repo or do you manually find/install?

C) I’ve read a lot of crap about Claymore taking more than their listed fees. Do you recommend a different miner?

D) Have I missed something? Am I making an assumption? Should I have asked a different question?

Thanks in advance! So appreciative of such a strong community.

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