Ethereum : Release v6.0.0-beta.2 for Ethereum Consensus Tests: Tests for all Constantinople EIPs

Ethereum update: Release v6.0.0-beta.2 for Ethereum Consensus Tests: Tests for all Constantinople EIPs

Hi everyone,
we just published a new release “v6.0.0-beta.2“ on the [ethereum/tests]( repo. This release for the first time includes tests for all “Constantinople“ EIPs, test coverage for “EXTCODEHASH“ is nevertheless somewhat low and there are additional tests in the works. Next release will probably be somewhat of a release candidate – so “v6.0.0-rc.1“ – before we can hopefully target a final “good enough” (regarding initial “Constantinople“ test coverage) “v6.0.0“ release.

Release Notes:

This is the second of a new regular series of test releases, which can be used to reference a static snapshot of the tests within your library. First release has been “v6.0.0-beta.1“, see [release notes]( from this release for an initial summary on the state of “Constantinople“ tests.

### Constantinople Test Updates

– Added initial test cases for “EXTCODEHASH“ [EIP-1052](, see PR [#484](
– More “EXTCODEHASH“ tests, see PR [#544](
– New “SSTORE“ state tests and blockchain tests where an external call is overwriting/colliding with new “SSTORE“ gas calculation rules, see PR [#535](

### Test Coverage

– New tests to cover cases where the result of an EVM opcode is written to a specified memory range and the result is shorter than the specified range, see PR [#538](

### Library Changes

– Added “.idea“ to “.gitignore“, see PR [#546](

### Docs

[Test generation docs]( have been consolidated and integrated in the central ReadTheDocs testing documentation.

We also updated outdated parts on this doc section (see PR [#539](, so it should in principle now be possible to follow the guide and end up with a working test creation setup. There might still be some glitches, please let us know or submit a PR on [ethereum/tests]( to if you stumble over something.

Other changes:

– New list with [clients using the library]( in README, see PR [#537](


These are just tagged releases directly on the repository and not published to any package manager or directory (due to size constraints). Nevertheless releases from now on can be referenced and targeted in client implementations. This should help to get some common ground on discovering problems and bugs and preventing caveats and pitfalls on updating the test suite.

The above are the release notes from the repo, see also:

If you have any comments on this you can also head over to the issue where this was discussed:

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