Ethereum : Rig runs exactly 40 minutes, then freezes. Help

Ethereum update: Rig runs exactly 40 minutes, then freezes. Help

Edit: Figured it out, the issue was something stupid too. The update, for whatever reason, turned back on the sleep timer, which by default puts the comp to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity. So I’d start Claymore, watch it for about 10 min, make sure the temps are good(after the crash, I’d have to redo and tweak the fan settings), then after 30 min the rig would try to sleep but just hang up.. making for a total of 40 min. I turned the automatic sleep function off, and no more issues.


Some how, windows update managed to get a update through on one of my rigs, even though I had win update disabled through windows services. Why just the 1 rig, I have no idea. My rigs are identical, and hard wired. Everything seemed fine at first post update, except that once I restarted Claymore, it would run for about exactly 40 minutes, then the rig would freeze, it’d stick on a black screen(no bsod), like it tried to restart but couldn’t quite complete it.

The fact that it runs the same amount of time, each time, I thought that perhaps it was the firewall kicking in or something. I made exceptions for the miner everywhere in Windows I possibly could, even using Powershell, I tried completely disabling windows firewall, I rolled back the updates, and completely turned off windows defender altogether. Used DDU to redo drivers, tried both original blockchain, plus the latest. No luck at all, it will run like normal for exactly 40 minutes, then freeze again.

I really don’t want to reinstall windows, yet again. I’ve had to do it a few times lately and I’m just sick of doing it. Everything works fine, for 40 minutes.. it just seems like it should be a easy fix, maybe I’m missing something.

Anybody have a fix for this that experienced the same? Any help will be appreciated, this is making me pull my hair out.

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