Ethereum : RX 570 hashrate changing for no reason (29mh/s -> 25mh/s -> 29mh/s)

Ethereum update: RX 570 hashrate changing for no reason (29mh/s -> 25mh/s -> 29mh/s)

Has anyone experience their hashrates changing for no reason?

I have a Windows 10 PC with 2 RX 570 Strix gpus. They were running fine at 29mh/s each.

Then I added a third RX 570 Strix and all 3 gpus started hashing at 25mh/s each.

I re-installed drivers, different versions, etc, but couldn’t get it back to 29mh/s. After 3 or 4 days of mining consistently at 25mh/s, suddenly last night they all started hashing at 29mh/s.

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