Ethereum : RX 580 Hashrate drops to 20Mh/s at random

Ethereum update: RX 580 Hashrate drops to 20Mh/s at random

Hi Guys,

I’m having some trouble mining with my RX580 4gb using nicehash. So the card is at 1450 Clock and 2150 Mem with a bios flashed 1500 strapped up.

When mining I get about 20mh/s 90% of the time. If I restart the miner over and over, very occasionally it will get 28-29Mh/s and very gradually decrease over about 18 hours to 20mh/s again.

I don’t have the compute mode in my drivers, I have downloaded a seperate ‘switch’ for compute mode and I believe the card is in compute mode. I have tried running the blockchain drivers however this caused the miner to crash.

I have no issues with any other algo, and the card will hash inline with other benchmarks on other algo’s.

Any help would be apreciated!

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