Ethereum : Selling two of my rigs, Planning on using Hardware Swap, tips?

Ethereum update: Selling two of my rigs, Planning on using Hardware Swap, tips?

EDIT: I know there is a No for sale post rule. Tried this because I’m not technically selling anything yet, just looking for ideas from a community I trust.

Helllloo EtherMining. A little over a year ago I came here as a newbie, now have a good year of building and maintenance experience under my belt.
I’m by no means an expert, but have done pretty good before the crash, and have done ok since then.
So I’m back again because I can no longer justify the electric costs of a few of my rigs. I have expanded since I started, switched coins throughout, and have done pretty good.
Time to slow down now though. I am thinking about selling everything on HardWare swap. Ideally I would like to just get a straight bulk sale, but doubt that will be possible as I don’t think there is a big demand for used.
I plan on selling off some of my older cards (RX570 4Gb) and a few MoBos.
I have begun reviewing the rules on the hardware swap subreddit and will start crafting my post. In a few days I plan on starting process of breaking down the rigs I plan on selling, and setting up a temp work station to flash bios back to stock (I have backups by serial number for all the cards I’ve flashed, so that shouldn’t be an issue.) and doing a once over on everything (not long after I started expanded I switched to the grow-tent method of cooling and did twice monthly cleanings on rigs. So again, not an issue with cleanliness.)
I am not looking for absolute top dollar, I am seeing the MSI RX570 4Gb going for $80-$100 used, so I’m thinking the $85-$90 range depending on bulk pricing. The boards and misc equipment I’ll price out later.

TL;DR, what I’m looking for here are your thoughts, I haven’t posted here in a while but I’ve lurked quite a bit. Should I go with the reddit or Ebay method? I could try to sell local but I don’t think anyone here has interest.
Any tips from people who have sold before?

Thanks in advance!

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