Ethereum : Should I get a rig frame from Amazon?

Ethereum update: Should I get a rig frame from Amazon?

I have a 6 card open air rig built on metal shelving. 4 cards on bottom, 2 cards on top. They are pretty spaced out and run temps in the high 50’s, one card runs at 61. Fan speeds are in the 50 to 60% range.

I’m stupid and like to tinker. Was thinking about getting a rig frame from Amazon that has 5 120mm fans blowing over the cards. Do you think this will lower or raise temps on cards?

Basically sacrificing some spacing between the cards to blow 5 fans on them.

Would love to hear your feedback on your card temps.

Saw a few rigs for sale with 4 120mm fans. But if I bought one, it would be the one with 5 120mm fans as I assume the cards would have more space between them.

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