Ethereum : Silly question.. grow tent inside house.. Ac bill?

Ethereum update: Silly question.. grow tent inside house.. Ac bill?

So, I’m thinking about moving my grow tent from the garage to a spare bedroom to be able to use the cool air in the home and suck the hot air out the window with 2x 730cfm in-line fans.

My question is, will this make my electricity bill higher? And if so by much? Or will my Ac work harder?

I’m wondering because al the heat is locked inside so I’m not “ cooling” the “heat”, so I couldn’t really come up with an answer on my own. Thanks!

Edit: I’m running a 52 gpu, almost 5.9-6.0kW of power I’m a growtent of 8x4x6.

This is my setup

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The other 9 cards are waiting to be installed once the mobo comes in.

These are in my grow tent now in the garage with the bottom cracked but just not too enough I guess to keep it cool.

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