Ethereum : tb250-btc pro problem

Ethereum update: tb250-btc pro problem

So, I originally had 10 GPU running, 4×1070 and 6x1070ti. It worked great, then I had to do some reshuffling of my cards…

Now I’ve got 3×1070 ti and 2×1070 and I’d like to get 5×580. If I connect all the nvidia with 3×580, everything works fine. When I add a 4th 580, things start to break. I was having claymore initialization problems, and no the rig won’t start. If I drop back down to 3×580, it’s fine.

I’ve tried different sata ports, different risers, different 580s entirely, but it doesn’t matter. The 4th 580 will not boot to windows.

Any thoughts?

-edit – windows 10 64bit

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