Ethereum : The “LastWinner” saga

Ethereum update: The “LastWinner” saga

Here’s why LASTWINNER is literally killing eth. and it’s not because of the gas prices.

You can download the real Last winner here – [](

or here – [](

The first thing we did was disassemble the app, in its way it showed a clear keylogger inside the app.

But wait for it, that’s not even the bad part!

after talking with the spammers via wechat & QQ we quickly found out that the pot is in fact locked, 100% locked. there are small div payouts etc, but overall the main POT of over 7 MILLION USD is 100% locked only for the hands of the crime syndicate.

what we also figured out why doing the rounds was that the ring wallet wasn’t the biggest thing from this scam, the massive scale of pure Chinese shillers they had in QQ was amazing, like nothing we have ever seen before.

so like many of you guys after finding out its a scam i quickly thought there was nothing wrong i didn’t get scammed so what could go wrong?

Then out of nowhere, one of my Chinese contacts messaged me with a very absurd warning that vlad zamfir is quitting ethereum today because of the spam attack, what followed is either going to be the biggest scandal on ethereum since DAO Hack or a crazy turn of events.

A few hours settled i didn’t think much of the message until i saw this very tweet. – [](

it sent shivers down my spine, I quickly checked Vitilaks twitter and in the same time frame, he had removed all things about owning ETH from his twitter description.

within the next 58 hours, ETH has declined -35.25% I also thought its just the markets. but lets face the FACTS before we all go broke.

ETH has lost 35% vs BTC has lost 12% in this time frame.

The only other time in history eth lost this much this fast was the hours leading up to DAO hack being made public…

This is a 3x larger scale operation then the DAO Hack and will end up scamming more money.

ALL ethereum based coins are down 40% vs other alts 10-20% past 3 days.

Every single other major hack/scam on any coin has directly affected the price. and that wasn’t in a bear market like this………

The ETH DEV team would have 100% been aware of the contract, the way they “disowned” eth on Twitter on the very exact day really scares me a lot.


When this news goes Public i have so much fear about what it’s going to do.


Not everything TEAM JUST says is a lie… They are extremely smart and are warning you for a reason.

Ether will not die, we have seen it come back from many things in the past and only grow stronger and stronger, but I really can see sub 100 levels when this gets into the public.

I may be totally crazy and wrong, if you think so tell me why down below. I would much rather be sitting here thinking this is just a dip then watching my baby die in front of my eyes.

I really hope i am wrong……… at the time of writing this lastwinner is currently at $7,016,622.27 USD. (@ $268.83/ETH) Balance: 26,100.592451085408690293 Ether . not to mention how much the “devs” have made from the legit side of the game,

Oh, you thought they were just going to make 7 million and then leave? this game will last weeks/months and there are also many more coming.

keep a lookout for “Supercard” its made by the same sydinacte. [](

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