Ethereum : Transitioning rig from Custom Frame to Mining Frame: How much cooling?

Ethereum update: Transitioning rig from Custom Frame to Mining Frame: How much cooling?

So here is my current rig: []( and here [](

It is a 3 shelf metal frame afro-engineered to perfection. 2 PSU, 6 GPUs, 1 MOBO (CPU, Cooler), 1 SSD, 1 Monitor, 1 Surge Protector, and 2 large fans all zip tied to the frame.

Nothing is loose except for GPUs (and cables).

I will be transitioning the rig to a real mining frame shown here: []( , as well as downsizing to 1 large PSU.

I am wondering if my 2 fans are all that necessary as I don’t see a lot of setups using them.

Temps now hover from 50 – 55 C, and on really hot days it breaches 60 C

With this new mini 4 fan frame, could I get rid of one or both fans?

(Also I would like some help setting up a batch file for Overdriven tool, if someone could send me a good link)


UPDATE: For all heavily concerned that I paid for relatively expensive frame, FOUR THINGS:

1. I need to make my rig more compact and nice to look it; it will not be running in my home
2. The frame I purchased was on sale and has everything I need
3. The frame has a brand name behind it as well as a store I can return it to

View the link

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