Ethereum : Trouble with RX580 stability on windows 7

Ethereum update: Trouble with RX580 stability on windows 7

**Wrong title, I am running WINDOWS 10 **

I have a 7 card setup (only running on 6 currently) RX580 4GBs.

One of my cards will drop in hash rates after running perfectly fine for 5+ hours. It’ll drop to 14MHs , sometimes even 7MHS. This will run for days / weeks if I don’t restart the computer at the lowered hash rates. But if I restart my computer ( windows restart ) , and claymore starts my system will instant crash.

Usually I have to leave computer on without claymore running for a day or 2 and I’ll be able to start claymore without crashing.

This same thing happens when I plug in my 7th card. It’ll run for 2-3 weeks perfectly and then everything crashes after a restart. No idea why.. cards are running ~65deg .

Really want to find a stable solution to my problem. I’ve had my 7th card just sitting collecting dust for the past 3 months.

Using nanopool

Asus Z270-A
Windows 10 1079
Claymore 11.8
Crimsonrelive 17.30.1029

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