Ethereum : Two 6xRX580 8GB Win 10 Rigs Unable to Mine Phoenix Miner 3.0c

Ethereum update: Two 6xRX580 8GB Win 10 Rigs Unable to Mine Phoenix Miner 3.0c

GPU6 GPU6: Using new optimized OpenCL kernels (device name ‘Ellesmere’)

GPU6 GPU6: Allocating DAG (2.57) GB; good for epoch up to #201

GPU6 GPU6: Allocating light cache buffer (41.1) MB; good for epoch up to #201

GPU6 GPU6: Generating DAG for epoch #199

**GPU6 GPU6: clEnqueueNDRangeKernel (-4)**

Both rigs stopped around the same time they are identical builds. 6th GPU cannot generate DAG. Rigs were running for months without issue then all of a sudden windows 10 defender decided that the mining application was a virus and deleted the file. I disabled windows defender and put a new copy of phoenix miner on the system. Was unable to mine, after googling I saw that this issue is often associated with page-file size. I’ve increased the page-file to 16384 with no change.

Windows defender may have also changed the page-file since I set it to 16000 when I first setup the rig but it was no longer set for that.

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