Ethereum : Undervolt, Overclock for MSI y Gigabyte R9 390 for mining ETH

Ethereum update: Undervolt, Overclock for MSI y Gigabyte R9 390 for mining ETH

Hello, I have the following video cards MSI R9 390 GAMING 8GB and Gigabyte GV-R939G1 GAMING-8GD.
My goal is to mine Ethereum with the greatest possible hashrate and with the lowest consumption.
I understand that modifying the timing memory is irrelevant in these video cards to gain hashrate.
From what I read the following would be undervolt and overclock.
I am using the blockchain drivers in Windows 10, OverdriveNTool 0.2.5 does not allow me to change the parameters of the cards. Since I do not want to flash the bios, I’m using MSI afterburner. In MSI the Gigabyte board has the core and memory voltage blocked and the MSI the memory voltage blocked.
At this time the Gigabyte leave with the parameters 1025/1500 stock getting 28Mhs (I do not know how much is consuming, I do not have the power meter) The MSI managed to set it to 1100/1625 getting 30Mhs consuming VRM power in 170W GPU and few GPU memory errors every couple of seconds in HWINFO. My question is if I am correct with my reasoning, if it is possible to do undervolting of these two cards and how. Thank you very much!

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