Ethereum : Vega 64 Hashrate

Ethereum update: Vega 64 Hashrate

Been mining ETH on my Vega 64 since XMR took a nosedive. Was able to tweak it, and I’m getting 46.3 mh/s on most recent drivers, rock solid stable for a few weeks, no crashes.

Anyone else have comparable experiences? This is also while driving a desktop monitor, and yes, it unfortunately is pulling around 180w (at wall) to do this. Still, this seems pretty efficient to me, and the most recent info I’ve found on them indicates 37-41mh/s, which doesn’t seem right (updated).

-Using Pheonixminer 3.0c

-set to -mvddc 900 -cvddc 900 -mclock 1150 -cclock 900 -fanmin 75 -tmax 55 -gt 6

-core temp stays at 45c, but HBM sits at ~64c

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