Ethereum : Warning about hacking threats on your MEW wallet.

Ethereum update: Warning about hacking threats on your MEW wallet.

Hi, a few days ago my friend received 0.05ETH from a strange address. We tracked the transaction and saw that address was sending 0.05ETH to many wallets.

0x7C81DB105681383Ab00454F06428432646B17eEA <= this is the wallet that sent ETH.

And today my friend said that all his tokens were stolen. He used Metamask to import his wallet. And I see that all the address that received 0.05ETH were all stolen. Only the tokens that already had price on Coinmarketcap were stolen.

We literally didn’t know how the hacker(s) could do it. Just warning.

Edit: imo, the hackers are already had the private key of those wallets. And they sent the ETH to transfer those tokens. My friend uses Macbook 2015 and he just bought it. I’m asking him about his usage of programs. Will update later.

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