Ethereum : We spent the last few months building Lake Trade – A beautiful, ZERO-FEE decentralized trading platform powered by Ethereum and 0x. We’d love the ETH community’s feedback!

Ethereum update: We spent the last few months building Lake Trade – A beautiful, ZERO-FEE decentralized trading platform powered by Ethereum and 0x. We’d love the ETH community’s feedback!

Hey fellow buidlers and hodlers 👋

For the past few months, we’ve been working around the clock on building a ZERO-FEE decentralized trading platform called Lake Trade, where you can trade directly out of your Ethereum wallet. We’re super excited to finally launch it on Reddit!

We’ve built this on Ethereum and the 0x protocol, and designed it from the ground up to be secure, fast and user-friendly. Building on 0x gives us immediate, **shared liquidity** with the 0x network, which means you can start trading today and see real volume on our platform.

## Try Lake Trade now!


## It’s not perfect, here’s what to expect:

* Centralized exchanges will have higher liquidity
* Trade execution is slower but improving (they’re getting pretty good!)
* You will need to pay Ethereum gas fees (significantly less than most exchange fees)
* We maintain an open order book, we do not match trades directly like centralized exchanges
* Unfortunately for compliance reasons we currently do not support the US (We’re working on this, but it takes time and money)

Now, you might be thinking: “Not another relayer – what’s so special about this one?”

## Here’s what makes Lake Trade great:

* **Zero-Fee Trades** – We believe in creating things of value, not paywalls
* **Millions $ in Volume** – We have shared liquidity with the 0x network
* **Trade Popular ERC-20 Tokens** – DNT, BAT, REP, REQ, OMG and more!
* **User-Friendly & Powerful** – We built an intuitive and beautiful platform for trading ERC-20 tokens, with more to come (margin trading, derivatives)
* **Portfolio features** – So far we’ve implemented charts to show the allocation of your balances, with other analytics on our roadmap
* **Trade From Your Wallet** – No signups. We support Metamask, with Ledger and Trezor support soon!
* **Real Customer Support** – We ACTUALLY have customer support with live chat or email

# Lake Trade is one piece of our vision – We’re aiming to build Finance 2.0

**For the first time in history, we have a technology that enables us to build a globally inclusive, frictionless, and peer-to-peer financial system**: one that enables us to trade value directly with each other, all while having full custody of our assets and money.

By harnessing this new technology and building the right tools, we can create markets that are more transparent, inclusive, efficient and user-centric.

To get there, we need to build a decentralized financial stack. As a team, we are determined to be at the forefront of building secure, user-first products that empowers people to preserve their wealth, trade seamlessly, and do commerce globally at low cost.

## To realize this new future, we need to work collaboratively with regulators

As I’m sure everyone’s aware by now of EtherDelta’s SEC charges. This obviously has implications for the Lake Project and our trading platform.

We believe it’s crucial to build a cooperative relationship with regulators, and work together to build meaningful progress and to advance adoption of cryptocurrencies. To do that, we are doing our best to be compliant with securities laws and applicable regulations.

To be compliant, we’re taking the following steps:

1. We have a due diligence process in place to ensure we list only utility tokens. We do **not** list any security tokens
2. We have built blacklist capabilities to prevent access to our trading platform for regions where it’s illegal to trade the tokens listed on Lake Trade
3. We’ve put terms and conditions in place to reflect these regulatory requirements where applicable
4. We’re actively talking to industry experts and legal counsel on best steps forward to be compliant

## What’s Next? Automatic Investing powered by our A.I.

The often overlooked piece in Finance 2.0 is wealth preservation and growth. We need tools that anyone can take advantage of, at significantly lower costs than traditional investment options today.

With our team’s deep expertise in data-science and AI, our next goal is to build an AI-driven investment fund **available to anyone, anywhere**. We’ve already made good progress on the AI, and we’ve begun rigorous back-testing to ensure performance.

We’ll be posting more updates on this as we do more comprehensive testing with our AI. If you want to stay connected, please subscribe to our mailing list on our website at [](

## Help us build a next-generation Open Financial System

We’re on a mission to build great products that empower people all over the world to make the right economic decisions for their needs. Lake Trade is just the beginning, and we have more ideas we’re exploring.

Please leave a comment with your constructive feedback and we’d be happy to work with everyone to fix any issues, build out new useful features, or help tackle other challenges in the crypto-space!

The most important thing that can ensure our success as as startup is more users adopting our products. This allows us to become eligible for grants, apply for funding, raise money, and operate a sustainable business.

Our team is around to help with any questions, and you can chat with us on Discord, or email us at [](

## About Our Team – Lake Project

We’re a team of traders, builders, product people and marketers, passionate about solving problems for the new decentralized world. Since the technology and tools exist to solve these problems, we’ve set out on a path to bring best-in-class, user-centric products to market.

Last year, we put a team together aligned on one vision: that blockchain technology can enable a new paradigm of money, and finance. We believe that decentralized platforms can power the next-generation of financial products and services.

If you want to learn more about our team, our company, and what we’re accomplishing, feel free to DM me (Matt) or visit our website to subscribe to our updates: [](

## We’re Hiring! Build the future of finance with us!

We’re on the lookout for a Senior Full-Stack Developer in Toronto, Canada, ready to join us on our journey to build the next-generation of financial products and services.

If you’re interested please shoot a message to [](!

## Want to connect or learn more about Lake Project?

The best ways to connect with our team is through our official [Discord]( chat group, or visit [/r/LakeProject]( You can also follow us [@lakeproject]( on Twitter for the latest updates.

Website: [](

Twitter: [@lakeproject](

Medium: [](

Reddit: [](

Discord: [](

# FAQs About Lake Trade

## How do you make money if Lake Trade is feeless?

As traders ourselves, we don’t believe in nickle and diming for every trade, all you need is to cover the Ethereum gas fees yourself, and you can trade as much as you want.

We believe that if we can deliver features that have true utility and value to our users, then they’ll be willing to pay for those. We have plans to introduce portfolio management tools, and other value-added features down the road.

We also plan to introduce an intelligent AI-driven investment fund that operates on top of Lake Trade you can easily buy into.

## How do I know it’s secure?

You have full control of your funds, as you’re trading directly peer to peer through Lake Trade, by securely connecting your wallet. You never need to hand over your private keys, or entrust any of your money to us.

## How do I get started with Lake Trade?

All you need is some ETH in an Ethereum wallet (Metamask), and you’re all set. Simply visit []( to trade.

## How come you don’t support the US?

With the recent EtherDelta SEC charges, it’s clear that the SEC is cracking down and frowning upon decentralized trading platforms who are listing security tokens or operating without proper licenses. Many tokens are deemed securities by the SEC, and under current regulations in the US, it’s illegal to grant access to trade securities to US citizens without being a licensed entity with the rights to do so.

We have no intentions to facilitate any illegal activities, and we believe that in order to achieve mass adoption of crypto, it’s important to work together with regulators in a collaborative manner, and we understand that it’s the role of regulators to step in and protect consumers. Currently, that means we need to comply with existing laws and move forward with registering for the proper licenses.

We look forward to working with regulatory bodies to advance this space forward, and develop new sensible regulations for this disruptive technology and new asset class.

## How do I request a feature or report bugs?

Please make a post in our Subreddit here: [/r/LakeProject]( or chat with us on [Discord](!

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