Ethereum : Web development – Python scripts/bots (New country and need to provide for family so i am needing work urgently.)

Ethereum update: Web development – Python scripts/bots (New country and need to provide for family so i am needing work urgently.)

Hello, i’ve been freelancing for years but lately it is so much harder to find work, it is been just a little over a month since i left Venezuela with my mom and my wife, and expenses are quite high, mom is 55 years old and is still looking for work (she really wants to work), wife can’t still work as she doesn’t yet have her citizenship/residenceship as it is due by next year, and i have applied to a lot of jobs but haven’t found any yet, we are in Portugal.

I’m willing to do any work at a good price(for you), i can develop fully mobile friendly/responsive web applications through nodejs/expressjs, static websites (html,css,js and js libraries), and i can also develop python scripts/automation tools/bots even reddit bots. I speak three languages; english, spanish, portuguese in case you require translations and you would like me to do them… I can also do websites over CMS like squarespace, shopify or wordpress, or work on your already existing websites, i can’t develop fully custom wordpress solutions from scratch though as i’m not a php developer, know just a little enough to fix things and customize a little.

Currently need 600 euros badly, i had come here with savings, but i really had no idea i would be spending so much to settle the first few weeks, and between the new rent/water/electricity, things that i have to buy like heaters for winter and also sending some money to my family left in Venezuela(not much as i’m just helping my sister and niece currently and send her about $50 monthly) my money is almost gone.

Sorry to post here, crypto currency subreddits specifically for job searching are no longer good ways of finding work so that’s why i don’t post there anymore and i’m posting her now, and i thought i might find someone looking to have something done. Crypto was almost all i used back in Venezuela to receive payments and provide for my family because Venezuelans have no way to do banking with the outside world, you can’t receive nor send/make payments money outside the country, and even if it were possible holding the countries currency is a very bad choice, as it devaluates hourly…

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